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Bill Bonney

Vice President, Product Marketing and Chief Strategist
San Diego, CA

As VP Product Marketing and Chief Strategist for FHOOSH, Bill can focus his passion for bringing game-changing cybersecurity tools to market.  FHOOSH delivers on the promise of “Faster Data, More Secure™” using patented protections that fragment, disassociate, separately encrypt and then disperse data upon capture at from the edge to the cloud.  Previously, Bill was Director of Information Security and Compliance for Intuit, and is co-author of the “CISO Desk Reference Guide.”

Outside of FHOOSH, Bill spends his time as an evangelist for cybersecurity. He is a co-director of programs for ISACA San Diego, on the board of directors for the San Diego CISO Round Table, is on the board of advisors of CyberTECH and CyberHIVE, mentors high-potential professionals through Everwise, and advises multiple tech companies on product and direction. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics from Albany University, and can be reached on: LinkedIn | Twitter

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